A Book Review – “Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering your Happily Ever After” by Jody Jean Dreyer

On September 5th, Jody Jean Dreyer’s “Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After” was released for purchase. I received a complimentary copy for review and was offered the opportunity to meet with Jody to ask her a few questions. I’m honored to have been selected, happy to be getting a free book and totally nervous about speaking with the author.

After reading the online preview of “Beyond the Castle,” I assumed this nonfiction book would be filled with anecdotes and experiences shared by a passionate, long-term Disney Cast Member…trip reports and tales that describe Jody’s path to success. But it’s turned out to be more than I expected. “Beyond the Castle” is a feel-yourself, find-yourself and guide-yourself book of inspiration and direction…with a strong Disney tie-in.

I find a lot of material that I can identify with and I sometimes feel like Jody is speaking directly to me. I like the idea of assigning Disney characters to personality types and forming a winning team from the right balance of princesses, heroes and Goofs. The behind-the-scenes bits of Disney history, of how certain things have come to be, intrigue me…how decisions are made, risks are taken, ideas are born.The lessons that can be learned from Disney’s successes and failures are inspiring.

I’m taking this information to heart and consider it sage advice. How best to be ME….to recognize who I am, to see the value of other characters in my story, to enjoy my journey and to take responsibility for my own Happily Ever After. Apparently, I’m no princess, but more of a Fairy Godmother…not at all glamorous, but a “fixer,” a very good character to have in YOUR story.

Anyone looking for a dirt and grit tell-all biography will be disappointed. The information Jody shares is positive, current and relevant. It useful in both business and personal life. “Beyond the Castle…” is well-suited for Disney fans that strive to be better people, for anyone that has ever fantasized about a role as a Walt Disney Cast Member and for Castle Friends that wish for a better World.

You can find more information through this link: “Beyond the Castle Book.”

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  1. Jud Hindes says:

    Sounds good! Nice review. :)

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