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  1. Didi Marie says:

    April is a perfect ballooning month!! (I’d love to be walking down that dock right now. Talk about Spring Fever!)

    • DizzneeMomma says:

      I’m away from WDW until the middle of this month…stuck in chilly Illinois. Really miss the beautiful Florida weather.

  2. Oh that is such a perfect April calendar shot! I’d love to try it sometime!

  3. Great shot! Hopefully I’ll get to go up in that balloon soon.

  4. Nice shot for April! I hope to try this out one day. Did you do it?

    • DizzneeMomma says:

      I did not. I intended to go up last June when I was in Florida house-hunting…then the balloon in Hong Kong fell out of the sky and I haven’t been tempted since.

  5. I love how you can see it from several points on property. We need to make it over to try it sometime.

    • DizzneeMomma says:

      I know what you mean. I use it to orient myself. I get kind of turned around in Epcot for some reason. The balloon helps me to know which way is north. :o)

  6. Great picture! I love watching the balloon. Haven’t taken a ride in it yet.

  7. Beautiful April shot! I would love to to go on one of those. I can just imagine the views from up there.

  8. Onna says:

    Perfect for April! :] gorgeous shot!

  9. It’s always cool to see that balloon in the air when we drive around town.
    You can tell the weather by if it is up or not. =)
    Great shot, thanks for sharing.

  10. I will love to visit Disney one day!
    Very good shot.

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