Wordless Wednesday – Disney ABC’s Essentially E!

Epic Emerald City

Encounter with Eeyore at an Enjoyable Eatery

Elaborately Electric Elliott

Esoteric Extraterrestrials

Incredible Edible Eggplant

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10 Responses

  1. Jud says:

    (Kinda pushing it there with some of those labels… hehehehee…)

  2. Love them, The eggplant is amazing

  3. Beautiful shots! I love the eeyore one especially since we’ve never met him. I always look forward to your word plays on the Disney WW alphabet themes. Great job!

  4. I don’t know how you do it – bravo! “E” was hard, I thought!? Ahhh… you make it look so easy. ;)

    And the eggplant idea/pic is FANTASTIC!!

  5. gsrey12 says:

    Great pics, love how you used “E” everywhere :) We’ve never seen Eeyore…will have to be on the lookout on our next trip!

    • DizzneeMomma says:

      Eeyore can be found in several locations around Walt Disney World, but my favorite spot to meet him is the Crystal Palace. I also like to meet the ancho chili-rubbed salmon while I’m there! ;o)

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