Wordless Wednesday – Seeing All There is to “C” at Walt Disney World

Cordial Crew Crowding the Chef

Cinderella’s Courtly Castle

Creepy (but FUN!) Clown Coaster Slide

Casey’s Corner and Coca Cola

A Couple of Coy Chipmunks and one Cutie Pie

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13 Responses

  1. disfaninco says:

    Great “C”s! That clown is so creepy, but still, the Boardwalk is my favorite place to stay :)

  2. Awesome photos! That clown is creepy but I love that pool. :)

  3. All Great C’s, I’ve never been down that slide, clowns just creep me out :)

  4. Jud says:

    I like the Cutie Pie! :)

  5. Colorful & Clever “C’s”!! What a Cutie Pie is my fave! Yup, that clown is creepy but what a slide!! Thanks for sharing and for joining in on the WW blog hop fun today:)

  6. We are staying at the Boardwalk Villas in September but can’t help calling it the spot with the Creepy Clown Pool!

  7. Lots of clever “c” pics – my favourite is the crew that’s crowding Chef Mickey!

  8. Great choice of “C”s! That clown is SCARY! :D

  9. Awww… I love your Clever Collection of “C”s! ;-) And that little miss couldn’t be more adorable, matching Chip and Dale in her brown dress!

  10. Adorable photos and wide variety of C’s. Can’t believe how creepy that clown really is ;)

  11. DIStherapy says:

    I “C”!!! CLEVER as always :D

  12. I love the play on the “C” words. What great pictures but my favorite would have to be the cutie pie and the castle.

  13. Cute photos with clever captions. =)

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