DizzneeMomma’s Scary Adventure – Moving to Disney, Part II

So the scary adventure continues. I’m in Florida now…staying at Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa. We’ve only been able to view one prospective property so far and it was awful. I was shocked to arrive at the Open House to find the home in shambles. We literally had to step over a big pile of dirty laundry just to get inside the house. And the smell…I’m not sure any amount of cleaning would ever remove the stench.

A stroke of luck though…perhaps fate, a garage sale at the residence coincided with the open house. While equally as disorganized and disappointing as the open house, there was a customer there that happens to be a realtor. She gave me her card and we’ve connected. Hopefully, we’ll find our Florida home very soon. For the moment though…more waiting. Maybe a trip to a Disney resort for some photography to distract me.

Oh yeah! Realtor is also a part-time Disney cast member and her husband, full-time. Maybe this adventure is looking up!

So onward we go…keep moving forward.


UPDATE: We viewed a couple more houses and found one near the parks that we really like. Our application has been submitted and our deposit has been accepted. Waiting for approval and owners’ consent for us to either go with a 90-day lease or remove furniture from at least 3 of the 5 bedrooms to go with the 1-year lease. There is literally no room for our belongings the way things are now. Please send pixie dust! I really, really want this!! :o)

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  1. Jud says:

    Good luck with the good place! Way cool!!!



  2. You know I’m totally excited for you.
    Prayers and pixie dust.

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