Disney Wordless Wednesday – Resorts and Relaxation

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort – Explorer’s Playground

Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Seven Seas Lagoon Beach

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House Lobby

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25 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Doesn’t seem to matter which Disney resort it is – they are all relaxing!

  2. Caught him right before his nap! :) And the first shot made me LOL …

  3. Beth D. says:

    Everyone looks very relaxed! We love the Polynesian!

    • DizzneeMomma says:

      It’s nice not having to rush around like we used to. Lots of great places to chill at WDW.

      I think the Polynesian will always be my favorite. :o)

  4. Jud says:

    Sooo… “relaxing” means feeding your child to a dragon??? Hmmm…

  5. Those are great candid shots! Everyone is so relaxed!! Makin’ me sleepy;-) Love it!!

  6. DIStherapy says:

    Lucinda- We’re going to Coronado Springs for the first time in 2 weeks, so I loved seeing such a cute preview of that resort!

  7. Alyssa says:

    Great relaxing shots! :) They all look wonderful!

  8. These are such cool shots! They all definitely say relaxation! :D x

  9. Love all your pics, Lucinda. The one especially at Jumbo House That is relaxing ;-)

  10. Love all these photos. I love all the places you took these pictures, too.
    They are so colorful.
    Pretty soon you and I will be able to go to all those places together. =)

  11. Silverleaf says:

    You i*#%t why would you let your children so close to that water it CLEARLY says NO SWIMMING. It’s a miracle those kids don’t get snatched by an alligator from your stupidity.

    • DizzneeMomma says:

      Oh my, too true! Risk of alligator attack is quite low during the day though, especially when these kids weren’t ever IN the lagoon water. The photo makes the people appear much closer to the shoreline than they actually were.

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