DizzneeMomma’s Scary Adventure – Moving to Disney

I’ve been mulling over the idea for some time now. Years, in fact. Relocating to Florida to work for the Mouse some day.

I just migrated this website. That was scary enough but I made it. I’m here…in my new bloggy home and I love it!

I need to make this bigger move happen now…while it’s still an option. I may regret doing it, but I’m just certain I’ll regret it if I don’t. I can always come back home if I need to. I sincerely hope I don’t want to…or need to.

I’ve avoided broadcasting the news…afraid to toot the horn too soon…then fall flat on my face. But I have a trip planned now, to go check out houses.

Adventure is out there!


April 26, 2012–And then it hits. The thing you knew could possibly happen…happens. Family medical emergency. Doubts resurface. What am I doing? Am I still moving to FL? House-hunting trip canceled…or postponed?

It’s best to be realistic. Life scares me. I’m gonna do it anyway.

4 Responses

  1. There always seems to be something that comes up…
    So sorry about the family medical emergency, I hope it’s not too serious.
    I’m glad you only postponed your trip and are coming down this way soon!
    You know I’ll be here to have your back.

    • DizzneeMomma says:

      Always something is right! I think this is why I don’t try and plan much anymore.

      I can’t wait to be neighbors, Lorie. I’m looking forward to kisses from Nano and the rest of your crew!

  2. Kathy Kelly says:

    Oh, I do hope everything turns out all right and you can follow your dream!

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