Disney Wordless Wednesday – May I?

We’re hopping with our May calendar shots at Focused on the Magic’s “Disney Wordless Wednesday” blog hop. I opted to give my family a break this month and chose a shot where they were standing behind the camera with me.

This was taken May 2011 at Disney’s Polynesian Resort Monorail station. I want to go to there. Now. May I?

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11 Responses

  1. Sure, let’s all go! I’d love to be at the Poly right now!

  2. Me too I want to go. Love that place. Great pic Lucinda ;-)

  3. I’m so ready to hop board the monorail but first I’d want a Lapu Lapu!!

    Thanks for sharing your great may calendar shot and for linking up today:)

  4. I am working on reservations for a client this morning for the Poly – and it’s so making me want to go. I’d just like to be tucked away in their luggage as they hang out in their private cabana by the pool :-)

    I’ll happily meet you there as well!

  5. Lisa says:

    Great pic of the monorail!

  6. Nice picture! I would love to be a passanger on it right now.

  7. Steve says:

    The Polynesian made our short list when we were deciding where to stay last summer. It looks like paradise. I’d love to be stepping off that monorail right now. Great picture.

  8. This is how I feel every Wednesday. May I please go to where all these fun photos were taken?!? :)

    Poly is my favorite.

  9. The Poly is wonderful. I was lucky enough to stay there last year during the Social Media Moms convention. We had such a wonderful time. I would never have had a chance to stay their without that special event.
    I hope everyone coming down this week for this years even has a spectacular time. The weather is supposed to be fabulous.
    HUGGLES everyone!

  10. Nice shot of the monorail. We haven’t stayed at Polynesian Resort yet but I bet stepping off the monorail into the resort is just like a fantasy come true.

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