Disney ABC – What Can You "C" at Walt Disney World?

Cordial Crew Crowding the Chef

Casey’s Corner and Coca Cola

Creepy (but FUN!) Clown Coaster Slide

Cinderella’s Courtly Castle

A Couple of Coy Chipmunks and a Cutie Pie

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10 Responses

  1. Debs says:

    Couldn’t be better! Love the crowd around Chef Mickey!
    Your C’s are charming and captivating!

  2. Love the Cutie Pie pic! She really IS a cutie patootie pie!

  3. :DIStherapy says:

    “C”lever- as you always are. Is that your Crew? (They are a beautiful Clan!)

  4. WOW! Every single one is awesome!! … except for the clown one … your so right, he IS creepy! Still a great shot though! :P

  5. Kalyan says:

    simply beautifully captured shots…lovely!

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