Social Media Melee

Registration for the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is only a few days away. I CANNOT WAIT! I hope and pray I can get in.

Some people are unhappy with the whole process and hoopla this time. I guess it has to do with the high risk of disappointment for so many. Kind of turns the grapes sour. The event has evolved and has become extremely popular.

Last year as a newbie, I was a bit shy. I didn’t take enough video. I didn’t reach out to enough people. I didn’t get my photo taken with any of the speakers. I didn’t even have business cards to pass out. I just didn’t engage as much as I wanted or could have or should have.

This year…I’m still green, but I’m not new. I’m no longer intimidated. I no longer feel inferior. I really want a second chance to do this right. But with only a one in five chance of getting in, this might not happen.

I’m still planning to give it a shot. Planning to NOT be bitter if I don’t get in…and planning to not cry about it for more than a couple of days. But IF I do get registered…I’m going all out! I’m going there to shake my social media maker! So watch out!!

2010 Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration Recap:
Day One, Part One
Day One, Part Two
Day Two, Part One
Day Two, Part Two
Day Two, Part Three
Day Three, Part One
Day Three, Part Two

UPDATE: Well…Disney’s Social Media Moms is not in the cards for me this year. Bah! I will definitely try again for as long as it’s around.

To those that are going…WOOHOO and Congratulations! I want to hear ALL ABOUT IT!

For now…I still have plenty of good info from the previous conference that I need to put to use.

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