2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

The dates for Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration were announced yesterday. Now many bloggers and tweeters are braced for emails and tweets with further registration information…some day more hints will come.

Looks like there is going to be a mad rush to sign up for the 2011 conference. I am so nervously excited about this…and hoping to be one of the lucky few to get in.

I attended last year and was blown away by the experience. The fabulous accommodations, private parties, exclusive events and incredible speakers were unforgettable.

I was surprised by all I learned and warmed by all the friendly attendees I met. I want to meet many many more of you this year. Let’s hope our dreams of #DisneySMMoms DO COME TRUE!!

I have quite a few posts on last year’s event at the links below. Plenty of photos!

Day One, Part One
Day One, Part Two
Day Two, Part One
Day Two, Part Two
Day Two, Part Three
Day Three, Part One
Day Three, Part Two

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4 Responses

  1. So do tell… What are the dates???? I missed the announcement.
    AAGGHHHH!! I cannot wait to sign up to go.
    I was there last year and thought it was absolutely wonderful.
    Sorry I didn’t meet you then, but hope that we both get to go to the 2011 one and finally get to meet IRL.

  2. Lucinda says:

    I sent you the dates in an email Lorie. I hope we see each other there!!!

  3. I just found out about this event and am so hopeful to attend. Is this by invitation only or first come first dibs? We are huge Disney lovers and try to make it to WDW as much as possible – I’m mum to three little ones – also obsessed with Disney – and we’re in the process of adopting twins from Ethiopia. Thanks for posting the info. that has been made available! It looked like you had such a wonderful time last year, I hope you get to go again!
    beneath the acacia tree

    • Lucinda says:

      There will be open registration sometime this fall. First come, first dibs! There are no invitations going out this year. Sincere thanks for stopping by!!

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