Good Morning Guy…Teach Me to Tweet!

I woke early and prepared for the day as my family slept. Excited about having breakfast with Guy Kawasaki, I snuck out the door and was raring to go! I boarded the bus with the rest of the moms, still trying to identify faces. Julie sat next to me and we became pals for the day. She’s a really sweet mom with a coupon blog.

A few members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel grabbed seats directly behind me. I’m not usually intrusive and am never so with celebrities, but I just couldn’t help it. I introduced myself to Margaret, Diane and Kathie. They were genuinely warm and even allowed me to photograph them. I’m glad I braved the hello.

I spotted Suzannah a few rows ahead of me and hoped to be able to say hi to her too. I felt like I kind of knew her, even though we’d never met. As DIS member SmbdyScrm, I followed ZannaLand’s journey to the panel first on DISboards and then by following on twitter and at her blog. I’m sooo happy she made it!!

The bus took us to EPCOT and entered behind-the-scenes at World Showcase. We waited inside the bus for a bit…must have arrived a tad early. I sat patiently with my nose to the window, looking out at everything. I was trying to make mental notes, but should have been using my camera. Once they were ready for us, we were led through a gate between Morocco and Japan. We walked to America and entered the American Adventure Rotunda.

I grabbed a table near the back where I thought I could see well. Julie joined me and we got in line for our breakfast. I noticed Lorie looking for a table and asked her to sit with us too. Then the Moms Panel ladies asked if we had room for them. I was happy to have them sit with us and delighted to be eating the great fresh food. Our day was off to a fabulous start.

I was really looking forward to learning more about twitter and excited about getting twitter-educated by Guy. I was very new to this aspect of social media and saw it as no more than a glorified chat-room. Guy showed us how to utilize twitter search. He suggested finding profiles of companies we buy from and showed us how to more fully benefit from all twitter has to offer. He shared helpful URLs and his UFM policy.

After the presentation, we were led through World Showcase to World Showplace. The next event was for the entire family. We were joining between Canada and the United Kingdom to pay tribute to community volunteers. I was anxious to be reunited but my group was running late.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    What a wonderful trip! I’m headed to Disney this weekend for the Disney Food Media trip and you’ve made me hungry! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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